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The Inner Garden aims to offer help to survivors of satanic ritual abuse (s.r.m), by offering these people a safe home, helping them build a healthy social network and providing them with the support they need. All this in a context of equality, sincerity and reliability. In addition, knowledge and expertise on CDIS developed and work is being done to raise awareness across the breadth of society around the existence of s.r.m. and CDIS.

A crucial part of The Inner Garden is a (residential) opportunity with space for living, working and recreation.

"He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim release for the captives, and for those who were bound, opening of the prison."

Isaiah 61:1

Friends of Esthers

From Friends of Esthers a core team has been formed to work on housing survivors and the further development (and dissemination) of knowledge and expertise. To this end, they have a residential farmhouse in mind. The members of the core team are motivated and passionate, have knowledge, experience and expertise in house and have made a long-term and unconditional commitment to this.

I myself will go out before you, the uneven I will straighten, bronze doors I will break open, and iron bolts broken. And I will give you treasures that are in darkness, hidden riches, that you may know that I am YHWH. ... - Isaiah 45:2-3 

Help for survivors

The primary task envisaged by the core team is to help survivors of s.r.m the opportunity to leave the cult and build an independent life without cult dependence. Experience has shown that three pillars are essential for this: a safe environment (no infiltration by cult), a support network of dedicated friends who know about CDIS and organised abuse and intensive trauma treatment. The first priority here is for survivors experiencing current, ongoing ritual abuse (or strong suspicion thereof). In many cases, a longer period of stay will be required, preceded and/or followed by a period of outpatient (after)treatment.

Multidisciplinary treatment

All treatment aims to restore survivors' identity and self-esteem. A safe residential setting forms the basis for the recovery process. On top of this, adequate and intensive psychological help is needed. This help is provided through in-house and external counselling and therapy, including trauma therapy, non-verbal therapy and work projects.


Providing safety for survivors also means actively building a people-centred, confidential and trusted environment where practitioners and committed people prove themselves to be trustworthy people. They do not appear to lie and torture, but keep their appointments, are genuinely interested, treat as equals and are there when needed. This is essential for survivors.  

Day care

For day care, families, residents, volunteers and people from the surrounding area are used. The residential facility also offers opportunities for this, such as (vegetable) gardening, animal care or performing simple work. At the same time, efforts are under way to build a network of friends around the survivor.

"Bringing light and recovery to the darkness of satanic ritual abuse, by helping survivors exit the cult and help recover, through expertise on CDIS and satanic ritual abuse further and by making society aware of this great evil taking place beneath the surface."

Satanic ritual abuse and CDIS

S.r.m takes place in networks. A feature of these networks is that members imprison each other in a complex set of strong hierarchy and control, fear, deception, (sexual) violence, emotional and physical torture, (sacrificial) rituals, abuse of loyalty and strong dependency relationships. These phenomena occur intersecting and back and forth in each hierarchical layer, such that captivity arises for each member to varying degrees. Another term for the totality of these networks is 'the cult'. 

Survivors of s.r.m who grew up in the cult from childhood develop DIS, a dissociative identity disorder. In short, this means that to survive gruesome and repeated torture, the personality splits into several parts. We speak of CDIS (complex DIS) if torture was deliberately used to create DIS. For more explanation, see the 'basic information on satanic ritual abuse' at Lichtoplevens.co.uk    

More information

More information on this topic can be found on the following websites:


Transfers can be made via account number NL87INGB0006397253 t.n.v. Stichting 4Justice (ANBI), mentioning the Inner Garden, or go to our donation page for more information.

We have a location in mind where we can realise these plans. Several people will live and work there to help survivors of s.r.m. from their hearts and with their hands.

Meanwhile, the date of 15 December 2023 has passed and funding is not yet in place. What we do have is:

- deferment of current owners until 31 March 2024
- approximately 45,000 euros have been received; we are grateful to the various donors for this! This will enable us to carry out more than half of the necessary renovations. According to the budget, we still need about 41,000 euros. Being able to carry out these renovations is a prerequisite for us to be able to proceed with the purchase.
- an adapted plan to finance the purchase; as future residents, we will bring in the value of our current homes ourselves

Now there are still two concrete conditions that need to be met in order to buy the farmstead:
1. We need a buyer for one of our properties; this is a detached property in Amsterdam (with specific conditions)
2. sufficient funds to finance the necessary renovations (approx. €41,000)

If these two points succeed, the purchase of the farmstead becomes possible.

Are you interested in helping out and want to talk to us? Then sign up via our site: contact form.

In the unlikely event that we have not received sufficient donations to purchase the farmstead, we will report this in April in the newsletter and on the website Lichtoplevens.nl.
In principle, in that case your donation will remain set aside and used to purchase another future venue, should you prefer to receive your donation back please let us know via the contact form know.


The world of survivors was totally unknown to me. I have great respect for their courage and perseverance when I hear about their bizarre experiences. How vulnerable and special that they want to share this with me personally! I really appreciate that we can open our home for encounters.

Being there unconditionally is the key

I have been touched in my heart by the injustice done to so many; I want to stand for the truth and for God's justice to prevail.

Survivors of SRM need what every human being needs: sincere love, a heart that listens without judgement and lasting connection. Even the deepest parts, those who had to murder and rape, then dare to speak. How many victims will break free from their lifelong slavery if they receive 10 such friends?

It is a privilege to pray for survivors, regularly and at key moments. And also for their families, if they are still in the cult. That is my contribution to their liberation and I experience that in this way I can help God's light to shine on their lives. As a Christian, I thus take my place in God's Kingdom and in the heavenly realms.

What a new, dark world opened up for me in 2020. Too bizarre to be true, until I started to listen and read critically and openly. I now find it a privilege to support therapists and survivors, so that the Light of Jesus overcomes the deep darkness.

I give my hands to help and my heart to love.

It is a privilege to experience a survivor. But it is an even greater privilege to be able to do your modest part to support the survivor to really live.

No one can do it all alone.... That is why I want to mean something for others. My name Tikva means HOPE ... and there is hope for everyone!