Truth in the hidden

Over a year ago now, my husband and I met an old acquaintance by 'chance' and
we got into a conversation about SRM. I already knew of its existence but actually it was something far
away from me because it is not easily talked about.

Getting out of the cult

Exit process during cult days

Before I went to therapy, I just went to cult meetings. I led a double life, being a hardworking woman by day who just went to work, raised children, cleaned the house, had friendships and also attended Bible studies and went to church.


By a Faithful Prayer I don't remember when and how I first heard of satanic ritual abuse, at least it was years ago. Later when I was studying psychology, I heard about these horrific things again from my internship supervisor, she told me that it doesn't only happen far away, but precisely [...]

Constantly in danger

People who are in the cult and trying to get out are in constant danger, because if they don't respond to emails, signals or invitations to come, they are thwarted in all sorts of ways; the cult has its "males" for that.This even goes so far, that survivors are visited at work and if that doesn't [...]

A tale of hope

As a child, I was always wary. I didn't trust anyone and danger could come from any corner. At home, it was unsafe. Men regularly came to rape me in my small bedroom, but most of all, my grandfather or uncle would often pick me up to take me to cult gatherings and sex parties.I [...]

In the Netherlands and elsewhere

Does (satanic) ritual abuse really exist? An important question. Here are some sources of information on the Netherlands and elsewhere. You can also find some information about this at, ..... Source: Argos - investigative journalism by VARA/HUMAN with radio programmes/podcasts Netherlands ''Glass shards and dark rituals'' - Argos investigates satanic ritual abuse ''Sanne Terlingen on ritual abuse''. - How [...]

The Prince of Peace and his opponent

If anyone knows anything about Satan and his kingdom, it is Jesus Christ. He dealt with him during His time on earth, directly and through people. A brief impression. Jesus' incarnation is immediately under pressure. Evil springs into action: in an attempt to bring Him into [...] after His birth.


The poppy appears a lot on this website; as a kind of image bearer, because some of the characteristics of the poppy, we see in victims/ survivors of SRM: The poppy needs light (from God) and warmth (from people) to come alive after the cold period of winter (life in the cult). Poppies go [...]

If your house is not a home...

What makes a house your home? What should you think of when you think of your own 'home'? Can you be yourself there? Can you do whatever you want there? Do you have food there, safety, trust in the people who live there too? Can you relax in the bath or shower and how [...]

The Network

I like to get moving on issues that matter. For instance, I helped establish Stichting Present Almere and served on the board of Compassion Netherlands. When I was asked to help Aline Terpstra find a support network for a survivor of SRM, I made another such move. [...]