February 2023 - Friends of Esthers newsletter

Out of life

February 2023

Dear people,

After a long period of radio silence, we are pleased to bring you an update from Friends of Esthers and its websites. We update you on what's new on the sites and briefly address the final report of commission Hendriks. In a separate post, you will find more about this report, political entanglements and an appeal.

What's new on

Esther, after years of very intensive trauma processing, has integrated all her personality parts! About this intense process, she wrote the article integration written. This means that there are no longer multiple personality parts leading 'separate' lives and between whom are memory walls. She has become one person, and therefore no longer has DIS (Dissociative Identity Disorder). However, she does (still) have a complex form of PostTraumaticStressDisorder (complex PTSD). She and we sincerely hope that her process will be a sign of hope for other survivors as well as their helpers. Her treatment continues, but so does Esther!
During the period when Esther was working hard on what turned out to be the final part of her integration process, her partner wrote If love is letting go, Also on this site is the response from the group of 20 mental health practitioners on the Hendriks Committee's final report. More on that later in this letter, especially in the annex. In addition, a article with truth check about the Hendriks Commission's remarkable statements that in Germany, about half of the victims of organised sadistic abuse manage to get out of the network, many even without help. Is this really the case?

What's new on

This relatively new website aims to inform a wider audience about satanic ritual abuse (srm) and urge survivors of srm to help. We envisage an 'army of ordinary people' that will stand up and get involved in many ways. So that survivors feel supported and have the courage - with help - to free themselves from the horrible slavery of body, soul and spirit that srm entails. Helpers are now regularly registering to be able to help those who have applied for help. We are very happy about that! At the same time, more people with warm hearts and helping hands are needed, and more financial resources.

Several blogs appeared from helpers, prayers, a practitioner and from Esther. Among other things, these blogs show that 'ordinary people' can make a difference!
Finally, new contributors to 'Friends of Esthers', Werner and Myrjam de Jonge introduce themselves here for. We are very happy with their input!

Hendriks committee report and politics

The final report of the Commission investigating 'organised sadistic sexual abuse of children' since April 2021 was released on 21 December last - on literally the darkest day of the year.

Our main objection has always been that the committee was not independent, that many survivors dared not speak up as a result and that the outcome of the enquiry would therefore be seriously flawed and biased. As far as we are concerned, the result is unfortunately entirely in line with this expectation. Read in the latest news release dated 24 February 2023 on the site lightopsrm more about this underwhelming report and the state of politics. In it, also an urgent call to make your voice heard by writing your own mail, and handouts on how to do so.

Finally, we would appreciate it if you could want to make it widely known. It is a pleasantly designed site, with accessible information about srm and opportunities to contribute with your own heart and hands to exit processes of survivors or tasks related to them.

Many thanks for your support in any form!
With warm regards,

On behalf of the team Friends of Esthers

Aline Terpstra, GZ-psychologist BIG

Esther, survivor satanic ritual abuse

Gerard van der Schee

Werner de Jonge


The world of survivors was totally unknown to me. I have great respect for their courage and perseverance when I hear about their bizarre experiences. How vulnerable and special that they want to share this with me personally! I really appreciate that we can open our home for encounters.

Being there unconditionally is the key

I have been touched in my heart by the injustice done to so many; I want to stand for the truth and for God's justice to prevail.

Survivors of SRM need what every human being needs: sincere love, a heart that listens without judgement and lasting connection. Even the deepest parts, those who had to murder and rape, then dare to speak. How many victims will break free from their lifelong slavery if they receive 10 such friends?

It is a privilege to pray for survivors, regularly and at key moments. And also for their families, if they are still in the cult. That is my contribution to their liberation and I experience that in this way I can help God's light to shine on their lives. As a Christian, I thus take my place in God's Kingdom and in the heavenly realms.

What a new, dark world opened up for me in 2020. Too bizarre to be true, until I started to listen and read critically and openly. I now find it a privilege to support therapists and survivors, so that the Light of Jesus overcomes the deep darkness.

I give my hands to help and my heart to love.

It is a privilege to experience a survivor. But it is an even greater privilege to be able to do your modest part to support the survivor to really live.

No one can do it all alone.... That is why I want to mean something for others. My name Tikva means HOPE ... and there is hope for everyone!