prayer letter Christmas 2022 no.5

You regularly hear people say: 'I'm not having my day, I got out of bed on the wrong foot' stepped". They measure their well-being by how they feel. This is how they get out of bed, look at themselves in the mirror and fill their minds without realising that words have power. They are wrong thoughts and not thoughts of the Lord. As beloved children of God, may we take a different path, speak His truths about our lives and engage in prayer.

Esther says: "Cult uses highways, while we still drive on country roads. If they want to achieve something, they try the spiritual road first, then the physical one, which is more complicated. We
do it the other way round."

Esther means that we Christians often first try to solve something through the 'normal' way, and when that fails we start praying. For example, when we are sick, we usually go to the doctor first and often pray only if that does not help. In the cult, she learned that the spiritual way (via curses, invoking help from demons and the like)

The biblical Gideon was a man chosen by God to deliver an entire people liberated. He himself did not see his calling in the same way, and had to be persuaded to accept his task. In the end, he faced an enemy eight of tens of thousands with a small army, of 300 men. Because it was God's battle and Gideon carried it out God's way, this small army overcame the overpowering enemy. For God can deliver just as well through the few, as through the many. What He could do then, He can do now.

most effective and powerful is, hence the huge motivation of cult to keep up their ritual worship of Satan at set times(such as during Christmas, see prayer points in the annex) at all costs. "The children of darkness often proceed with more deliberation than the children of Light," said Jesus. But it doesn't have to stay that way. Let us go the spiritual way from the deep realisation that in Jesus Christ we are more than conquerors (Rom.8:37). What beautiful things will then are going to happen! So it is not about what we all do for God in our own strength but about who we are in Christ. In our weakness we may pray: 'In the morning I lay it before Thee, and see out" (Psalm 5:4). We may look into the eyes of Jesus, then the evil one has no hold over us. For He Who is in you is greater than He Who is in the world! And we may use prayer as our most powerful weapon to make a difference in the lives of others. In this prayer letter, Inge talks about her prayer group around SRM and how they are encouraged together to continue praying. Prayer is also very important during Christmas and in Rachel's poem you can read about her experience and struggles around Christmas. More attention could be paid to the spiritual battle (in the heavenly realms) in general, but especially that going on around SRM, where there is so much darkness in and around it. This is Gretha's appeal to the church.

The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement in the Netherlands and abroad to free victims from the shackles of satanic ritual abuse.

In addition, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our Western society. So that a network of passionate people gradually emerges to offer spiritual and practical support to victims (and hopefully perpetrators) who choose freedom.

1 John 4:4 

Dear children,

you are of God and you have overcome them,

For He Who is in you is greater than He Who is in the world.

The Sower's Song

Connectedness (by Inge)

To pray and struggle together, it is important that there is connectedness and unity as also John 17:21 says: "that they all may be one, even as You, Father, in Me, and I in You, that also they shall be one in Us, that the world may believe that You have sent Me."

With our prayer group (the Gideon Army), we pray for victims, survivors and relief workers of SRM. We meet once a month and in addition we pray during cult nights according to a prayer schedule. Via the group app, we encourage each other (also at night) by sharing Bible texts, songs and images. As a result, we are encouraged to continue go. In addition, through this we experience connectedness with each other and notice that the Lord is giving us leads.

Though our Gideon's army is small, God's power is Great! He is matchless! He thrones on our songs of praise and sets His angels in motion on our prayers. He takes care of the victims and survivors where we are inadequate. He shines His light on the places of darkness. He can give courage to offenders to come to repentance, that they will no longer allow themselves to be blackmailed and manipulated into being instruments of Satan, but that they will come to repentance and choose the Light!!!

Satan trembles like a reed when he sees the weakest saint on his knees. The gates of hell are shaking, when a crowd falls prayerfully at God's feet.

Merry Christmas....

Like a robot
Echo I the answer.
They know of nothing
How would they
Why should they also
We say goodbye
I go my own way.
Silently I cry out
I cry without tears
Home. At home?
The house where I live.
Silence filling
Fills with the howl
Fills with the screams
Fills with scents
Colours, tastes, feels.
How many little ones killed?
How many little ones tortured
Raped and sexed
For dinner?
How many children
Torn into so many rituals?
Disturbing frequencies
Flashes dazzle
Real or inside?
Go or stay?
Where do I belong?
Going obedient?
Or stay safe?
But when I go
Can I do anything then
For the little ones
Who are there now?
Is that then perhaps
Where I can be good for anything?
Who am I in this world?
Am I still myself?
Or have others become me?
Maybe that's better.
I can't take this


Lord, I also pray for vigilance. That we may remain awake in this dark night. Your disciples fought against sleep in Gethsemane as You fought against great evil. Keep us awake! Stand by us.

Isaiah 40:28-29 Do you not know? Have you not heard?

The eternal God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, is neither weary nor weary. There is no fathoming of His insight.

He gives strength to the weary and He increases the strength of those who have no strength.

As Daniel was protected in the lion's den, so we pray out God's protection for the victims and survivors from the clutches of Satan/darkness.

Yeshua goes around as a Shepherd, looking for (His) injured sheep and lifts them on His neck.

Psalm 27 says in verse 10 For my father and mother have forsaken me, BUT the LORD will accept me. I pray this prayer out for those children within SRM. That they may have that experience of You and realise that they are loved.

The blood of the Lord Jesus is the way out. I pray that over all victims. Lord have mercy on them. Over the great and over the small. Father open Your Fatherly arms and take them into Your mercy arms.

Hebrews 5: 5-9 So also Christ did not give Himself the honour of becoming High Priest, but He Who spoke to Him, You are My Son, this day I have begotten You. As He also says in another place, You are priest for ever, after the order of Melchizedek. In particular verse 7: In the days when He was on earth, He offered prayers and supplications with loud cries and under tears to Him Who could deliver from death. And He was heard out of fear. Jesus also knew tremendous fear... He knew exactly what the survivors/victims were going through.

HE has become an eternal beatitude for many! Verse 9: We pray that Eternal Beatitude over all survivors/victims.

To pray and struggle together, it is important that there is unity and oneness as also stated in John 17:21: "that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You have sent Me." 

With our prayer group (the Gideon Army), we pray for victims, survivors and relief workers of SRM. We meet once a month and in addition we pray during cult nights according to a prayer schedule. Through the group app, we encourage each other (also at night) by sharing Bible texts, songs and images. This encourages us to keep going. In addition, we experience connectedness with each other and notice that the Lord keeps us going.

leads. On the next page are some examples of what was shared with each other.

Call to the church (by Gretha)

My name is Gretha, I am 76 years old and have DIS. I would like to start with a call to prayer, which one of my partial personalities has already made in 1996:

"This struggle is so intense that our marriage and family are constantly under intense tension stand. We need you to stand around us with your prayers and with your love."

We are now 26 years on and a lot has happened in my/our lives. Am now unfortunately yet separated!!! The battle is and was fierce!

It would be so nice, if more attention were paid to the spiritual battle (in the heavenlies) in general, but especially that going on around SRM, where there is so much darkness in and around it. And what is still taking place in the hidden right now. With me/us, our DIS expresses itself the most because of triggers, which are often there and because our emotions are mainly linked to our inner world. Mind and feeling are very separate.

The church should be the place, where it is safe to put despair and other emotions there to be able to come out, so that hope could take its place. The place, where the Light of God, the I AM, should be present. Just when it is so hard to be able to experience God because there is so much darkness, we have it is necessary, that our fellow Christians represent HIM by His Love and His arms to want to be. And that we can and dare receive comfort from people, who want to represent Him. Without shame and guilt, that we do not conform to the created image, that there only seems to be room if you can fake being happy.

This is our urgent call to stop looking away and form a wall of prayer. So no condemnation because we are not understood, because it is not in the church's picture fits. So as to also give survivors space in the church(s), without feeling to be there only if you can experience "God's Love" as proclaimed. Then Despair can turn into Hope. Because that's what we need!!!


Lord what can I do (Elly and Rikkert)

Lord what can I do

I see a sea of tears

Of children with no names

No longer mentioned by anyone

Speak a comforting word

The world is getting colder

Be a strong shoulder

A safe haven

Lord where should I go

I see people wandering

And who fell

Are afraid to stand up

Light the lamps

And open the doors

For those who dare not hope anymore

After the cock crows

Lord what can I be

I hear people sighing

No place to flee to

No bread in the desert

Be a living bread

A blessing for many

And I will divide you

For others in need

As I too have lived

For others in need

Would you also like to help practically?

Survivors of SRM are increasingly finding their way to the team of 'friends of Esthers'.
We would like to help more survivors, but we cannot do it alone. There are among
need more teams of ordinary people with warm, loving and loyal hearts, who care about them
whole want to stand. On this site get an idea of what this entails.
Take a look, we'd love to hear if you're interested in helping out, but feedback is also welcome!


Thank you for your prayers! Carla, Esther and Aline


For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see e.g.
Documentary 'glass shards and dark rituals', Argos VPRO, 27 June 2020
Documentary 'Lisa's story', Argos VPRO, 8 Dec 2018
Documentary, sequel to Lisa's story, Argos VPRO, Feb 2019    

For whom and by whom?

This prayer letter is intended for any Christian who wants to join in prayer based on good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to step out of this cult and come to recovery physically, emotionally and spiritually. Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan and has struggled to break free from the grip of this cult.

Overview of prayer points, prayer letter Christmas 2022

Prayer answers

We are very grateful that during the week of fasting and prayer around Halloween, many places in our country hosted prayer nights, prayer chains or a series of prayer meetings. In the weeks leading up to it, we received messages from all sides from prayer groups or groups about this. It is our prayer that with each series of cult nights, this Gideon's army of prayers will grow. 

One survivor revealed that she really felt carried by prayer during the Halloween week. Another survivor received an answer, important to her, to a question that had been with her for a long time. She experienced this as an answer to prayer through the week of prayer. Several survivors expressed their gratitude for being prayed for. Carla is very grateful for an unexpected large donation and several smaller donations, for her work with survivors. This has greatly encouraged her.

The Friends of Esthers team has been praying for host families and network friends for some time now, so that those applicants for help who apply will also get enough help. After Halloween week, there has been a small trickle of applications, following the trickle of applications earlier. This gives confidence that we are on the right track and joy! Also, the Friends of Esthers team is grateful for the donations coming in to continue this work. 

PRAY FOR ....  

The prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much, because strength is given to it (James 5:16).


Many Survivors seek help, through Fragile Wing or through the website The search for good help often takes years. Pray that Jesus will go out and open doors for them. 

Carla Hamoen of Fragile Wing would like to establish a fund for survivors that therapy cannot nen pay or who need occasional accommodation. In doing so, it is looking for companies that would be willing to give tax-deductible donations.

Friends of Esthers is on the road with quite a few helpers to assess whether we can help them. In this, comprehensive diagnostics (is there DIS and satanic ritual abuse here) is the first step. Pray for perseverance and courage among survivors, to persevere in their steps towards recovery despite what sometimes seems to be reprisals from cult. Pray also for hope for them and for a good combination of wisdom, decisiveness and sensitivity among the Friends of Esthers team.  

Soon, the Hendriks commission, which was set up by the government to investigate ritual abuse, among other things, will come up with a report. This investigation is not independent, which is why many victims have not dared to speak, for more info see among others. this correspondence with the Hendriks Committee 

Pray that the Lower House will not settle for this report and that real independent investigations will be enforced. Let the widow who harassed the unjust judge, until justice was done to her, inspire us to be such a troublesome prayer (Luke 18:1-18). In the first verse of this parable, Jesus says that one should always pray and not lose heart. 

For further raising awareness in churches and congregations of the existence of these satanic practices, so that victims dare to come forward and, with the help of a solid network of trusted people, dare to come out.

Pray for Friends of Esthers, that the new website will help inspire many Christians, pastors and concerned others to contribute a real stone. 

Pray for families or singles, who want to provide a safe place for a survivor, on weekdays, weekends or cult days. If you are interested and want to know how you can help, let us hear from you at

There are far too few trauma counsellors available. Without therapy and trauma counselling, getting out is not possible. Pray for pastoral workers, trauma counsellors and therapists who want to learn this and enter into this process from God's love. If you are such a person, pray that you can learn to occupy this place, and for more info, please visit

Pray for wisdom and protection of therapists and volunteers helping these victims.

Pray for more prayers during cult nights. Too often, survivors are on their own at night, when the cult is gathered in satanic worship and survivors who don't go (anymore) suffer spiritual attacks. Jesus asked His followers to watch with Him for an hour just before He had to complete the most difficult task of His life. What will happen in our country if many Christians spend an hour's vigil and prayer during cult nights?

Pray for offenders who hesitate and would like to get out. Pray that the Holy Spirit convinces them of sin, righteousness and judgement. Pray that people will come along their path whom they can confide in, who truly know God's grace and love and who know about the heinous offender world they want to break free from. 

God's word tells us: 'Take no part in the unfruitful practices of darkness, rather denounce them' (Ephesians 5:11): Pray crimes of satanic perpetrator network come to light nationally and internationally. Pray for those committed to this through media and politics. 



Continue to pray for the boy Jan, an older preschooler who exhibits play behaviour and other characteristics indicative of severe abuse, with possible signs of organised abuse. Continued prayer is needed for his safety, proper counselling and an appropriate school.


Keep praying that all person parts that still have contact with the cult will come to light and come into relationship with the therapist or other trusted helpers around her. For the person parts who still have cult contact, (h)real relationships with people outside the cult are needed to help them break away from the cult. Pray that pursuit and ongoing abuse will be stopped by God's protection so that there is more peace to face and process trauma.


Thank you for prayers over the past few months. I have been able to make tremendous strides resulting in integrations. I feel carried by Jeshua and by the people around me, as well as by people who let me know they are praying. Thank you so much! Happy prayers in the coming months for deliverance and recovery among family members and for a period when I may learn to be myself in a new and healthy way. For these tough months when Christmas is a difficult time: kUOxKdfQ3zs


Keep praying for her process of connecting with her person parts and body. This is a comprehensive and lengthy process. Ella talks about what our prayers mean to her:

On very difficult days when I seem to lack courage and strength, it is reassuring to know that not only God is fighting for me, but that there are people who speak my language (Dutch) and are willing to fight for me. If I can't do it for a while, that doesn't mean the battle is lost. Even though it definitely feels that way at such a moment. It helps me to persevere, to give it another day, another hour and to be less frustrated with myself. And those people are not far away, somewhere in the world (which no doubt they are) but close by. So thank you for praying and fighting along. 


Has remained safe during last Halloween, but she is still being targeted by the cult. Pray for protection from this. Pray that no part will still obey the tugging and programming. Continue to pray for the protagonist to become more and more powerful, to be able to stay present and in touch with her parts.


There is a lot of programming with K., and she herself is still in a whole process of discovering what actually happened to her. She has many parts and everything overwhelms her enormously, which very often makes her feel down and very depressed. She also often feels very lonely. Making contact at the same time is very difficult because there is a lot of programming going on to keep her isolated. Happy prayer, that she will be able to hold on to contact with her therapist better. And that even fledgling friendships may become more solid and that there will be more contacts in her life, people who will understand her. 

Furthermore, she would very much like to experience Jeshua again, as she has completely lost that now.

Pray also for wisdom in therapy, in the overwhelming multitude of things, what to tackle first.


As for E., work on the website (see a previous prayer letter) is currently on hold. However, very happy continued prayer for her sister and her sister's child. That they too may step out, as E. has so bravely done. And that her sister's husband - who as far as we know is not involved in the cult - may come to realise what is happening to his wife.


The stay, for which prayer and finances were requested in the previous prayer letter, has moved a lot in her process, which is very encouraging. We can also be very thankful financially because the cost of her stay was fully covered, partly as a result of the previous prayer letter.

Butterfly an elderly lady with background from SRM. She is struggling with grief for her children. She is also looking for a safe and good place to live where she can get the care she needs where people work with loving and helping hearts. Pray that God, who fully knows her grief, will be near in her grief and provide a place for her. Pray also for an operation she has to undergo soon, that the approach will take into account her trauma and may it go off without complications. 


This survivor struggles with gloom and would like to stop damaging ways in which she sometimes deals with the memories of SRM that intrude. Would like your prayers in support. She additionally asks prayer that she may experience God's peace during this difficult time of the year and wisdom in dealing with her family.


One of the help-seekers through Friends of Esthers would like to pray for residential care, that reliable and loving people are found there to build a real relationship with. So that a stable safe environment is created, to build a future. 


Is a child trapped in a perpetrator network that abuses her. Mother is eager to help her out, but struggles with intense issues herself. The help network and legal system are working against her. Would like prayer for this.

Geertje and family

Geertje is a young teenager who has told her parent about sexual abuse. Extensive investigations have been carried out by multiple agencies who consider her testimony to be highly credible. Despite this, a legal battle is ongoing, potentially placing the girl in a very unsafe situation. The mother asks: Pray for strength, protection, safety for our daughter and our family, wisdom for every step, love - however difficult - for our enemies and pursuers. That the truth will come to light, that the perpetrator will be criminally prosecuted, insight for all involved and a breakthrough in the justice system. That many more children are freed and the evil practices stop, that our Father gives the breakthrough we have been begging for for so long. Thank you that my daughter dared to tell and that she has been and will continue to be freed.

Cult Days December 2022 to 13 March 2023

We have chosen not to explain all the cult days. One reason is that it takes a lot for survivors to go to these reminders and write down this information. The other is that we would like prayer on the most important days.

The fact remains, however, that it remains important to include all cult days in prayer and also to fast for this from time to time! (see prayer letter Halloween)

For completeness: In the previous newsletter, we mistakenly did not mention the cult date of 11 November. It should have been included.

→ 3 to 5 December

→ 8 December full moon


During Christmas, the birth of Jesus is ridiculed and debunked. The new life is given to Satan and the disobedient/disobedient are punished. Girls (under 12) are raped on an inverted cross and the 'sacrifice' they make is (so we are led to believe in the cult) the only way to grace and to authenticity. To rich life and to the only eternal life.

During Christmas, many activities are done with demons, think sex with them. Rituals are performed and animal and human sacrifices are made. There is also a day when apostates (read less-functioning cult members) are punished by hanging and beating to death up to being burnt alive. There will also be an orgy between the adults and children after each cult gathering. Christmas is the toughest cult festival after Halloween.

→ 16 to 23 December

This is the preparation week of Christmas. Children will be kidnapped and children and adults obtained through trafficking will be taken to places to prepare them for the Christmas festivities'. Pregnant women, who have been made pregnant with the aim of giving birth to a baby during Christmas, will also be prepared with stimulants and examinations.

There are daily meetings, with the weekly meeting being compulsory and the evening of 23 December also. This evening will be more heavily charged this year than last year, as it falls at the same time as the new moon. The demonic activities will be greater and the euphoria and sacrifices greater.

→ The night of 23-24 December until Christmas Eve 11:59pm

The eve of Christmas is immediately the toughest night of this period.

Prior to this day (often on the night of 31 October to 1 November), a chosen one has already been chosen for the holy sacrifice. A sacrifice in which someone is considered a kind of virgin and serves the whole 'family' by giving her life for the higher purpose and that is to satisfy Satan and his servants. The demonic activity during this evening is immense and for many victims the most unpleasant aspect of the evening.

Being raped by demons is truly awful.

Pray for the victims. Pray that they will be protected from the demonic activities. That no demons will remain in them and that they will feel that a strong power, the Power of Jeshua reigns and will prevail. Pray for blinding of the perpetrators and that there will be some kind of dome over the ceremony so that the demons cannot even get to it.

→ 24 December on 25 December 1st Christmas Day

New life has begun.    On this day, it is 'celebrated' that Satan wants all power over life and death. Cult members will confess and endorse this with a sacrifice of a firstborn. 

After this, the newcomers, which are young virgins under the age of 12, will be raped on an inverted cross to increase the sacrilege of Yeshua. Pray for the mother who gives birth to her first child and loses it immediately. Pray for a deep trust that the baby will be safe with Jeshua.

Pray also for the children raped on the cross, but also during the orgy after.

→ 25 on 26 December Boxing Day

Cleansing after new life. After the new life, all evil will have to be destroyed in order to live a holy life. Such is the cult's theory. The group will unanimously punish the apostates by hanging and beating them to death. Each attendee will have to beat the one who is hanged to the point of bleeding so that this person eventually succumbs to his wounds. Tying someone up in the middle of a fire pit and lighting it also ratifies the sentence. This is done to less 'important' people (apostates) in the group.

Pray for a group revolt within the group. That they will realise with each other that what they are doing is bad and they will start to dislike it. That they will revolt against these rituals and that in this, group pressure will cooperate positively to preserve the victims who are seen as inferior and bad. Jeshua can do this!

→ 30 on 31 December

Preparing new year.

→ 31 December on 1 January new year

Especially festive affair between key cult members. The regional groups are not always active during this night, however, the national groups are. 

Pray that these people will be seen and their deeds exhibited!

→ 6 January

→ 7 January full moon

→ January 13 satanic new year

→ 20-27 January, of which 21 January is New Moon

→ 29 January to 31 January

These days are all about a new season. New goals and new appointments and new tasks and positions. Some join a new, higher grade/position. Others have to step down and take up 'lower' duties. Joining and stepping down grads in the cult. This is an important period for victims, because when their 'leader' steps down - which means being demoted - that they also get tougher.

→ 2 February

→ 5 February full moon

→ 14 February

→ 20 February new moon

→ 25 February

→ 28/29 February on 1 March demonic activities with impregnations for Halloween.

→ 7 March full moon

Thank you for your prayers!

Carla, Esther & Aline


The world of survivors was totally unknown to me. I have great respect for their courage and perseverance when I hear about their bizarre experiences. How vulnerable and special that they want to share this with me personally! I really appreciate that we can open our home for encounters.

Being there unconditionally is the key

I have been touched in my heart by the injustice done to so many; I want to stand for the truth and for God's justice to prevail.

Survivors of SRM need what every human being needs: sincere love, a heart that listens without judgement and lasting connection. Even the deepest parts, those who had to murder and rape, then dare to speak. How many victims will break free from their lifelong slavery if they receive 10 such friends?

It is a privilege to pray for survivors, regularly and at key moments. And also for their families, if they are still in the cult. That is my contribution to their liberation and I experience that in this way I can help God's light to shine on their lives. As a Christian, I thus take my place in God's Kingdom and in the heavenly realms.

What a new, dark world opened up for me in 2020. Too bizarre to be true, until I started to listen and read critically and openly. I now find it a privilege to support therapists and survivors, so that the Light of Jesus overcomes the deep darkness.

I give my hands to help and my heart to love.

It is a privilege to experience a survivor. But it is an even greater privilege to be able to do your modest part to support the survivor to really live.

No one can do it all alone.... That is why I want to mean something for others. My name Tikva means HOPE ... and there is hope for everyone!