No. 6 Prayer letter satanic ritual abuse, Summer festivals and holiday period 2023

Out of life

And when Moses raised his hand, Israel had the upper hand, but when he lowered his hand, Amalek had the upper hand. When Moses' hands became heavy, they took a stone, placed it under him, so that he could sit on it; and Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on the one and the other on the other side, so that his hands remained immobile until sunset. Thus over- won Joshua Amalek and its people by the sharpness of the sword.

The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement in the Netherlands and abroad to free victims from the shackles of satanic ritual abuse

In addition, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our western society. So that a network of passionate people gradually emerges which offers spiritual and practical support to victims (and hopefully offenders) who choose to be freeheath.

Holidays, for many people a nice time, a time of rest, no obligations for a while, travelling, making beautiful memories, enjoying, time for each other and so on. But unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. For many survivors of satanic ritual abuse (srm), holiday time is actually a very traumatic time because holidays often used to mean that the cult had free rein. In addition, they feel unsafe precisely during the holidays because their therapist and other support persons are absent. Therefore, a call to persevere in prayer for survivors of srm even during this very period. When we do, we may pray that they may see/experience (something of) God's glory in the deep darkness they are in. We see an example of this in the Bible in the section dealing with Stephen. In Acts 6:15 it says: "And all those who sat in the Council kept their eyes on him, and saw his face as the face of an angel. While Stephen was making a speech before the Council and his hearers were bursting with anger, we read in Acts 7:55 and 56: 'But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, kept his eyes fixed on heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Yeshua standing at the right hand of God. And he said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man, standing at the right hand of God.´ Let us fight this battle together, knowing that Yeshua is victorious! Aaron and Hur supported the hands of Moses while Joshua fought with his men against Amalek. We as Christians need each other to fight against the indescribable evil taking place in the cult. Joshua overcame by the sharpness of the sword (Exodus 17:13), we have the Word of God, the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), that is our weapon in battle, God's eternal and enduring Word and that was also the weapon Yeshua used when He was tempted in the desert (Luke 4:1-13). This prayer letter first covers two responses from readers of the prayer letter. Then Marleen tells how the holiday season was for her when she was in the cult, another survivor talks about things she ran into and then there is a drawing with an explanation from Butterfly. Then the points of thanksgiving and answers to prayer are discussed. This is followed by prayer points for the different topics and people. It also tells about helping survivors during some cult nights and the dates of the cult nights are discussed with information and prayer points for the respective cult nights. We appeal for prayers for the various topics and persons mentioned in this prayer letter. In addition, we ask for prayer (and fasting) during the mentioned cult days/ nights. In James 5:16b it says: "A righteous person's powerful prayer accomplishes much.

Response from a reader

We sometimes receive responses to the prayer letter. This encourages us and we are very grateful for it. We have singled out two responses for encouragement to all prayers in the Netherlands:

"Dear people, read the prayer letter. That picture!!! I love the Lion so much - and then suddenly I saw that Sweet little girl shelter with Him!!! Wonderful!!! The prayer letter is fierce again. And again (I read and pray with you since October) I am also quiet about how I have been since childhood at all times when (I discover now) are cult gatherings, experience spiritual struggles/attacks. So I did not imagine that, as I long thought. Through the Holy Spirit, I have discernment and sensitivity and I am so grateful that I can now pray purposefully for protection, from curses and demonic activity! That too is a fruit of your courageous work! What encourages and strikes me: the unmasking of the evil increases and the Gideon army grows!"

"From the week I did some more reading and yesterday we had three women (after the meeting on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread) discussed this and prayed with each other. The touches us so much! One of the women emailed me that she went back to pray for it this morning and Psalm 72 to turn to read. She appended me that the texts came in like this for all these victims. I want to encourage you with this and have great respect for the work you do day and night. 'For He will save the poor who cries for help, and the wretched, and those who have no helper. He will save the lowly and poor spare and redeem the souls of the poor. He will deliver their souls from guile and violence, their blood is cost'Bearable in His sight.' Psalm 72:12-14."

Basement children

(by Marleen)

For the unnamed

The slaughtered

The tortured

The raped

For the prisoner

The lost

The used

The failed

For the soulless

For the dead

For you

Is this an ode

Because you 'exist'

Holiday period (by Marleen)

"What are you going to do over the holidays?" Every child is asked that question for years, prior to the summer holidays. To me too. But I didn't know the answer... However, I was good at filling the voids of my dissociated existence with make-believe answers: "Nice reading I guess". In reality, I was 'driven around' abroad during summer holidays. Not for holidays, but for satanic summer festivals and preparations for them. That was a period with a lot of dark activity. Demons were summoned and invited to have sex with us. Most of the time I was under drugs. Sometimes I don't know what I experienced because it happened, or because they staged it. But there, under the influence or not, I saw, felt and experienced things that cannot be explained in a human way. Satanists were happy to let demons take over. I have seen women writhing like snakes. I have heard the screams from the caverns of hell during orgies with each other and with demons. I have smelt the smell of sulphur and rot where they were not supposed to be at the time. I was raped by something inhuman. But, this was not the only thing that characterised the summer period. Oh no, not the only thing. During the summer festivals, blood rituals took place. And animal and human sacrifices were made.

During some summers, my 'training' took place. I was taken to a place I called 'the farm'. In retrospect, it was not a farm but a luxury residential farm in a secluded spot in the countryside, tucked among forests, with buildings behind it whose semi-circular windows resembled a farm shed. Perhaps it once was. At the back, where hardly anyone ever came, was a piece of flat land from where you could see the mountains further away. There, in the basement below the buildings, that is where the nameless, the nobody's children, the 'nobody's' were kept prisoner. There, I too was tied up and locked up until I was called for my 'training'. I don't know what was worse... fighting for your life in the damp basement where food was thrown in the middle where everyone usually just missed, or taken by the man with the stand-up collar, I call him the Dracula without sharp teeth, who ruled the place. Up the stairs, down the corridor, up another flight of stairs, to the luxury section, a long hall with rooms full of luxurious interiors. Of those leather sofas with buttons, of those chandeliers, of those velour curtains... of that red carpet... The Japanese woman, getting you ready. The rich men in the next rooms... the smell of cigars, liquor. Abuse, until you can't take any more. And back again, to the no man's children, the lifeless, their dead faces. Oh if only I could save them! Trapped with them again. Until I was elevated above them. I had to teach them... what I had learned. Killing animals, until I had to point out one of them didn't come back. And I had to take them to the Grand Climax. Now I was also a traitor. I was forced, but neither they nor I could see it that way at the time.

I could write much, much more about summers. But I can't. Then I cry over the loss of my children. Then I taste the iron taste of blood. Then I see severed limbs... And you, the reader, maybe you can't read that either... The summer holidays stopped, the summers didn't and neither did the summer festivals. And after the summer parties came the autumn parties, and the winter parties, and the spring parties... The cult never stops. It is a daily, exhausting life-and-death struggle when you are caught in the cult's web. Thank God I am out of their network. Yeshua is my foothold. I live, though it is by trial and error and cult holidays (and nights) with their memories and spiritual darkness are very tough. It can be done, really! There is a life after the cult. And that has lots of beautiful moments of enjoyment as well as difficult ones! If you are still stuck, or helping someone who is still stuck (and I know how much patience you need for that), do it, persevere, hang in there, it is - despite all the struggle and opposition and sometimes threat and weirdness - really very much worth it.

I once wrote the little poem above for the children and young women, the people with no identity with whom I was trapped during summers.

From a survivor

Below is a snippet of text from a survivor describing how vital true connection is with Christians is. But also how difficult it is, because the gap between the cult world that survivors knowns and the 'ordinary' world of others, is so vast. It is a call to us, who are outside the cult have grown up, to truly love in imitation of Yeshua, to want to understand the world of otherspen without condemnation, and build bridges in deeds and perseverance. With the motivation of Paul, who said: 'For while I am free from all, yet I have enslaved myself to all, to make more people win (1 Corinthians 9:19)."

In my own path to freedom and light, I am discovering more and more that words and deeds really matter. People are not perfect, but between not trying and trying and daring to see your shortcomings, is a big difference for me. Telling about Yeshua's love or showing it by lying beside mepen whatever path I take, which you may think is not the right one. Trying not to judge and thereby not imprisoning or keeping me, and perhaps most of all: stop running! Stop with running past yourself and so also Yeshua and others, making you not that Light but the darkness lets win and, in my case, the messages of the past that no one really wants to see or know me, are confirmed by this.

You don't need to know or know the depths, but open your eyes to how the darkness can smile onknow how people keep damaging each other by being judgmental, trying to put you in their box making everything 'better' or 'good' regardless of whether it is better or good for you. And that can be done very small by without trusting details someone's choice, or greater by when someone shares something about how they do things experiences, not to say that they see it all wrong. Giving someone the message that they are wrong feeling/thinking/being/experiencing hurts tremendously, and makes it even harder to find the courage to do things to share to anyone. These things actually put me in isolation, hold me captive, not whether I am or not going to church, Bible study or any gathering. Because if I did go, it would feel for me whether I can and should never be completely there, I have to close myself off to keep the pain limited, because groups are already difficult, regardless of whether things are said or done that trigger. Triggers are unmaleness, but how the other person deals with it can make a big difference. Be open to the gestretch, and to maybe look for a solution together. Because I really don't expect the whole weworld adapts to me, but knowing that people want to be considerate of me already does a lot and eases isolation. Be curious about the other, love.

Heads roll

The cult calls terrible conflict situations a game, and the drawing below shows one of their gamestjes 'heads roll' depicted. Signed by a survivor. "Do you not do what is asked of you, then it's your turn to be killed. If you do not cooperate, then you are worth nothing and then you stand you, in this case, between the cutting blades that actually close. If you do, then the person part does which is trained to do this kind of thing well, extra well her best. It gives adrenaline, a powerfeeling and people are cheering and clapping because you are doing so well. What a conflict." We put her drawing in this prayer letter because it so well captures the confl conflicts a survivor may have during cult moments. Perhaps impossible to fully understand, too complicated to be a be able to come up with a solution in such a situation, but a clear picture that someone who has been through this only real love and nearheath needs, along with prayer!

Drawing made by Butterfly (this name symbolises a courageous woman with all her parts)

Thanksgiving and answers to prayer


We are grateful for the involvement of more and more people and churches who want to hear about srm and its consequences. We have been able to give several speaking engagements over the past period so that the knowledge around srm is broadened and so that prayer is more and more supported. We also started to match coaches to helpers. This way, people are trained to help those in need and so cann we can help more people in a low-key way. We cannot do it alone, but together we are a Gideonsarmy!


We are hugely grateful for donations that have come in! Donations continue to be needed to support the great projects that are currently running to continue doing so. Once you have made a donation, you will be given two or three informed about ongoing projects once a year after you make yourself known as a structural donor. 

Signs of an offender repenting (by Aline)

For quite a few prayer letters, we have been calling on you to pray for offenders. Around Walpurgis we asked you to pray for perpetrators to doubt. We wrote that doubt in the cult is sin and doubt isboot can kill, but at the same time is the only way to possibly get out. Eager to do something very remarkable to share with you. In the run-up to Walpurgis, Esther told me about videos and photos that she got in which a key perpetrator was tortured, someone who was quite a big deal in the national cult position had. He was tortured in a way that Esther herself, under severe pressure, also had to inflictsen and that is another reason why the videos evoked intense feelings for Esther. There were more reasons why the cult sent her this footage but that is not the point now. What was stunning was that there waswrote that he must die because he would have defected to her God! Esther herself indicated that she was on the footage saw a softness in him that was so different from the way she knew him. The man's had to pay with his life (the photo of this has been seen by several), but if he indeed turned to Yeshua has turned as the cult claims, then he is like the murderer on the cross, now with his Yeshua in paradise! What tremendous grace!!! I am convinced that this man is a first fruit is of our prayer for conversion of offenders. Let it encourage us all the more to pray for doubt in perpetrators!

Pray for...

Application stop

As we have had many applications from helpers, but are still growing and people need to training to be able to help, we have had to reinstate the application freeze after some new applications apply. Pray that survivors who cannot now knock on our door remain hopeful for salvation en that they find the right people in their path who can help them.

Pray for many applications for helpers in the broadest sense so that we can equip and guide to help survivors. We don't have to do everything ourselves, but as long as there are not enough peopleSen are, we do what we can. Any trustworthy person with a heart focused on Yeshua can help!

The prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much, because it is granted strength.


Continue to pray that perpetrators will meet with Yeshua and see what He is doing in the lives of overleverse. Pray for courage and outstretched arms in their lives where they feel safety and freedom to repent and start their lives anew. See also our special thanksgiving point on this earlier in this letter!


When setting up new networks around survivors, we take a careful approach. We want people with the right motives participate and put the interests of the survivor first. Pray for more networkers. We are currently networking in several places in the Netherlands, but we are not getting enough applications to build it further. Pray for open doors and tiredbrave people in churches so that the willingness to help grows. Pray for courage and confidence and for realising the privilege of helping survivors from darkness to light.

Host families

Pray for more host families, more safe places for survivors. Pray for people who are willing, just a step more willing and daring. Pray for courage and especially lots of love and for open doors and the right match with the right survivor.


Recently, we started putting coaches alongside helpers. The coach supports the aid applicant emotionally and practically in restructuring life, in getting to know personality parts and in articulating problems. Coaches learn as they work. Pray that more coaches will come and that they will have wisdom and a heart full of love for help seekers.


We need more handlers. Every survivor who chooses to exit has at least two therapists for several years. We are not only looking for experienced trauma therapists. We are looking for inquisitive people with a heart in the right place, with no secrets in their lives with which to blackmail them could be those who want to learn to become trauma therapists. Pray that people will be brave to using their skills and passion to pull people out of the darkness. The more practitioners there are, the less burdensome it becomes for the practitioners currently pulling this cart.

Commission of enquiry into sadistic child abuse

The Hendriks Committee enquiry report was presented on the darkest day, just before Christmas. For the survivors who collaborated on the interviews, an extra hard time, because such a good survey it has by no means become, in our view. The opinion of the 20 mental health practitioners is here at read.

At the time of this writing, nothing has been done with the report, not even discussed in the committee for Justice and Security or the House of Representatives. Pray for justice through an independent second opinion. Pray for courageous people in the right places who will stand up for this.


Prayer groups

We hear from more and more places in the Netherlands and abroad that are praying for survivors of srm. Pray for even more prayers, especially also during cult nights. Pray for the spiritual army to be active and passionately seeks law and justice in the spiritual world. Pray that churches will start their accountability take to want to fight this battle together as a big family. So that, as Christians, we can join together stand around survivors and are also ready to embrace perpetrator-perpetrators in love too, so that the darknessnis losing its power.

Keep me as the apple of Your eye, hide me under the shadow of Your wings from the wicked who destroy me, from my mortal enemies who surround me.

Pray for... People


Margriet and her teenage daughter would like to pray for protection, as they experience struggles and attacks, including physical ones. The daughter knows a thing or two about what her mother has been through and therefore struggles with guilt and other emotions herself. Pray for healing and recovery for both mother and daughter.


Adam is the adult son of a survivor. He is caught in the clutches of the cult and has not yet found his way to freedom. Pray that the path his mother took may give him hope and courage to step out too. Pray for his wife and children, for safety and prospects.


With Christiaan we have been on the road for a while, however, he has indicated that he no longer wants help from us without giving a reason. We are prayerfully not letting him go. Pray for breakthroughs and courage for him to resume contact, no matter what the cult does. 


It remains incredibly unsettled in my life and my children are also harassed by the cult. In addition to the lasting tensions in daily life, but also traumas that still need to be processedden, I share my experience with others so that more people can be helped. This sometimes requires a lot of courage and energy, but also gives an awful lot of joy. Pray for safety and strength to do What Yeshua has called me for. Pray that the cult will come to realise that I will not stop and that it makes senselless is lingering around me! After all, Yeshua's sound is louder:


Hananja is a brave aid applicant who is through the first stage of the diagnostic process. She has started working with a coach and we will soon start building her network. Pray that Hananja may see herself as valuable. That she dares to ask for help when needed. Pray for courage and strength, for people around her who are willing to help her and for wisdom for us in this. 


Ingrid is almost through the initial diagnostic phase. After this, chances are we will also start with her with a coach and building her network. Pray for good contact with her personality parts. That she may accept and get to know herself as Yeshua sees her. 

Multiple helpers 

We are on the road with several helpers. The diagnostic phase demands a lot from those involved. Pray for them for courage, safety and support from those around them throughout this journey. 


Butterfly is in the middle of the diagnostic process and through the conversations, many traumas are being released. She has loving people around her who support her. Pray for them that they will have wisdom and strength receive. Pray also for Butterfly that she will keep the courage to stay in touch and indicate what her helps. Pray for love for herself and her parts and for her safety.


EIs a courageous practitioner who works with survivors of srm. She has long been under fire in her work and her performance is questioned by an authority. Pray that she will have the courage and perseverance continues to hold on to the breach for these survivors. Pray also for doors to remain open, so that she can continue to help them and follow her calling.


Jan has been transferred to another place against the advice of therapists. There are many struggles over his lelittle guy. Pray that he will feel safe and develop as a child should develop and that the right people may help in this.


Mirthe would like to receive discernment to see who she may learn to trust. This is extra difficult for her because she has trusted 'wrong people' in the past. She has afhad to part with these people and this hurts a lot.


Tamara is a 10-year-old girl who knows one of the handlers. She is trapped in the network and at the moment it is not possible to help her, but the signs are serious. Pray for wisdom and open doors so that a path of recovery can be initiated. 


Carnation is a brave practitioner struggling with her health. Pray that she will have the strength to continue helping helpers and supporting us. Pray for loving people around her and that any attack by Satan will be broken off.


As a practitioner and team member of Friends of Esthers, I am involved in the processes of quite a few survivors. It is hard work but also a privilege to see God's work so closely and help bring hope. It is my deep desire that many will go the way of recovery, right against all the threats of Satan and his minions. I myself am intensely grateful to have received special grace for many years to work hard and stay healthy. Recently, I had two bouts of spicy flu. Happy prayers for wisdom for a healthy life balance and for continued health. 


Sarina is a medical social worker who helps us at key moments in our work for survivors. She has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer. It seems that it has not spread, but this is not yet certain. Pray for God's peace in this process and - which is our desire - full recovery. 


L is a daughter of a family helping an aid applicant, she is being harassed at work which looks like cult infiltration. Pray for her protection and wisdom for the parents how to deal with this. For more information, see blog.


Ava is a counsellor who has been closely involved with a counsellor for some time. Pray for her protection and wisdom. May the whole journey give her joy and energy, and may both she and the aid recipient draw even closer to Yeshua.


Ladybird asks for prayer because she suffers a lot from horrible memories with intense feelings. In daily life, these feelings are triggered by unpleasant events e.g. at work, which sometimes mix up the present and the past. She often feels very alone in this. Pray for help in coping processes, for friends who understand what is going on and to experience God's nearness in this. She is very happy that she is allowed to tell something in this prayer letter and feels supported by it. She also indicates that she notices that despite everything being quite intense, there are also good things happening, for example that she is increasingly able to access her emotions and mourn things that have happened. She also occasionally catches glimpses of how God looks at her and that she is valuable. Pray for reinforcement of these good things.


Geertje's case will be transferred to Germany, which means that for Geertje the main danger is gone and Geertje herself will be heard. The court further deemed itself not competent to rule on the requests of the Child Protection Board, so their application for out-of-home placement is off the table. Praise the Lord! Goliath has been defeated, the first big step towards victory has been achieved! Pray for the German court, for a good German lawyer and that the mother will get the right of care for Geertje as soon as possible, without further incriminating investigations for her and that it may now be resolved quickly. Thank you very much for all the sympathy and prayers!!! Without prayer we could never have achieved this victory, all glory to our faithful God.

Geertje's mother asks for prayers for Geertje's recovery and freedom for other children.


Ella asks prayer for more trust in her own intuition and perception. Pray that people around her will give her time and space to find out who she is and what she would want for herself without having to meet the expectations of others. As Ella herself puts it, "Maybe finding myself is a little less confusing and starting over and over again....."

Helping survivors during cult nights

During the cult nights of Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter, Walpurgis Night and 4 and 5 May, we are digitally beavailable to survivors. During cult nights, it is harder for them to realise that the better not to go back to the cult and to stay safe. Many survivors live alone and during the holidays, practitioners are often off. They are also days when many people spend time with familybring, but for survivors, their own families are not always safe. They do not want the fine family momentions of other people 'disturbing' them and the result is that they withdraw and are alone. Then it becomes night, the nights when they are expected by the cult to come.

The cult sends messages, threats that new disasters will strike them or their loved ones if they do not come. They stand in front of their houses with flashing lights or make noises made by their torture practiceken to the survivors are associated with tremendous fears. All the memories come back that made them midden in their hearts. Their baby they lost, years ago, on that night, the abandonedheath they have felt and are now feeling extra again. How difficult it is then to stay safe at home and not to go back. The enormous unprocessed emotional pain and extreme fear of the consequences wandown they don't go, can become so big that they go anyway. Sometimes survivors even take measures in advancegels to be able to go to the cult if the urge does become too strong at night, for example by joining their partner put something in the coffee or tea that makes it sleep extra deeply.

We want to be there for those who have to face this gigantic struggle. We want to go to them listen and encourage them to stay home and affirm that staying home is the right thing to do do. If we can't manage to stay at home, which we obviously don't hope for, we also want to be there for them so that they do not have to bear the panic and anxiety alone. These moments should not be done by anyone alone. Pray that survivors will dare to ask for our help during these nights. Pray for wisdom during the getalk and that God's guidance will be there!

(Should you, as a survivor, wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, we ask that you use your practitioner with us. We will not ask for data that can be traced back to your identity and you may use an anonymous e-mail address).

Prayer calendar

Cult dates with times of rituals and additional information and prayer points

It is very intensive for survivors to surface specific information about each cult night, toThat with every cult festival, there are many horrible memories associated with it, which then surface. The therefore did not manage to get sufficient clarity on the specific times of all days. Also, the times listed may not be 100% correct. The times of 01:00 - 03:00 are not always fully covering, the cult often lasts longer and sometimes starts earlier. For days where there is no time at is on as a guideline 01:00 - 03:00. For certain cult groups, Friday night is regular cult night. Freeday is therefore a day that is extra tough for many survivors.

Days like new moon and full moon are days when the cult comes together extra and the intensity heavier. Pray that these nights will be disrupted and the spiritual power they experience will be powerless will be. (Note: if it says 18 June, it refers to the night of 17 to 18 June).

18 June new moon 01:00 - 03:00

Cult nights around summer time: the nights of 20 - 21, 21 - 22 and 22 - 23 June

Times: the first two from 01:00 - 03:00, the last from 01:00 - 06:00

The satanic cult summer festival lasts for three days. In each local cult, during these three days a child tortured (the same child). This may involve (many) previously kidnapped children or kinderen who are already in the grip of the cult because they belong to nuclear families. Or because they are unregulatedstreaked growing up in the clutches of the cult. The final night takes place in a rural gathering which is not open to all local members. On this night, from the children who spent three days are martyred, one child chosen to be sacrificed to Satan. That child will be burnt alive. 

This last night in particular is also dominated by summoning-and directing-demons. Through the child sacrifice, the power of satanic prayers is stronger; this is what the cult uses to exert their influence in the 'ordinary' world.

1 to 7 July

3 July full moon 01:00 - 03:00 am

6 July 01:00 - 04:00

Praying for corporeal protection.

6-7 July 22:30 - 04:30

Praying for corporeal protection.

17 July new moon 01:00 - 03:00

20-27 July

The last two nights are the toughest. The first nights are roughly from 00:00 - 03:00 and the last two from 01.00 - 06.00. It starts with kidnappings and ends with a sacrifice of a woman, adult (over 12). The days in between are mainly sex parties with babies and chinderen and all that goes with it. There is a climax on the sixth day; here demons, which also include the 'sacrifice' inspect and 'hopefully' approve. If not, additional sacrifices and rituals are performedlined.

The one sacrificed on the seventh day gives her life for the sanctification of the group. It helps Satanism become stronger in their experience. For survivors, this day is heavy on the sixth day and with possible memories of kidnappings and the seventh day with the living sacrifice which is terrible to see. It does take real prayer for those in the cult. Pray that the kidnappings cannot continue, that there is protection, Yeshua is there, despite the darkness and that they are disturbed and their plans are not can carry out.Pray also that Christians can feel and see this spiritual event so that they can pray directly for itden. This week is a week of grabbing more territory for Satan. We can prevent this if we know that he is doing this!

1 August

This night is a full moon, however, it is also a special date for the cult. Because of this, the tides willden be at least from 00:00 to 05:00.

3 August 01:00 - 03:00

16 August new moon 01:00 - 03:00

31 August full moon 01:00 - 03:00

Will you continue to pray with us?

Carla, Esther and Aline

This prayer letter may be distributed widely, especially in churches. 'My people perish for lack of knowledge,' says the Bible (Hosea 4:6). Let us not look away then. Let us fix our eyes on Jeshua and injustice, those who are trapped in it, embrace it and take it before the throne of God!

For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see e.g.

Documentary 'glass shards and dark rituals', Argos VPRO, 27 June 2020

Documentary 'Lisa's story', Argos VPRO, 8 Dec 2018

Documentary, sequel to Lisa's story, Argos VPRO, Feb 2019

For whom and by whom?

This prayer letter is intended for any Christian who wants to join in prayer based on good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse step out of this cult and physically, emotionally and come to recovery spiritually. Born into a church family that worshipped Satan, Esther struggled to break free from the grip of this cult.

If you know people who might be interested in praying with you, please feel free to forward this letter and the prayer points. If you have this prayer letter and the prayer points no longer want to receive them, an email back will suffice.


The world of survivors was totally unknown to me. I have great respect for their courage and perseverance when I hear about their bizarre experiences. How vulnerable and special that they want to share this with me personally! I really appreciate that we can open our home for encounters.

Being there unconditionally is the key

I have been touched in my heart by the injustice done to so many; I want to stand for the truth and for God's justice to prevail.

Survivors of SRM need what every human being needs: sincere love, a heart that listens without judgement and lasting connection. Even the deepest parts, those who had to murder and rape, then dare to speak. How many victims will break free from their lifelong slavery if they receive 10 such friends?

It is a privilege to pray for survivors, regularly and at key moments. And also for their families, if they are still in the cult. That is my contribution to their liberation and I experience that in this way I can help God's light to shine on their lives. As a Christian, I thus take my place in God's Kingdom and in the heavenly realms.

What a new, dark world opened up for me in 2020. Too bizarre to be true, until I started to listen and read critically and openly. I now find it a privilege to support therapists and survivors, so that the Light of Jesus overcomes the deep darkness.

I give my hands to help and my heart to love.

It is a privilege to experience a survivor. But it is an even greater privilege to be able to do your modest part to support the survivor to really live.

No one can do it all alone.... That is why I want to mean something for others. My name Tikva means HOPE ... and there is hope for everyone!