A Gideon's Army Prayer Letter around satanic ritual abuse

The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement in the Netherlands and
out there to free victims from the shackles of satanic ritual abuse.

In addition, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our Western society. So that a network of passionate people gradually emerges to offer spiritual and practical support to victims (and hopefully perpetrators) who choose freedom. 

Only powerful love conquers (by Aline)

Recently there was another cowardly and extremely sadistic attack on Esther (click here for a view of what happened).

A huge blow first of all to Esther, who is still recovering from the physical and psychological consequences. But also a blow to other survivors who, with cautious courage, are taking first steps to break free from the cult. And a blow to those who love Esther, of which I am one, a group of friends that is growing. As for the latter group, I notice that in response to this malice, many are becoming more combative. Only powerful love overcomes wickedness, as Yeshua has shown. And we, as friends of Esthers want to follow in Yeshua's footsteps with tenacity. My personal prayer is that this lowly attack will unleash a wave of outrage in the Christian church and far beyond. And that it will trigger a broad-based call for justice. A cry that can no longer be stopped and will eventually pave a path to freedom for those who are so severely persecuted.

Who are you a source of hope for? (by Janita)

Psalm 104: 10 'He shows the springs their course to the valleys, so that they flow between the mountains.'

This is such a beautiful Bible verse, the springs in the valleys. Springs that give hope, springs that give water, right in the valleys. In those valleys, they can flow between the mountains. Let our prayer be: 'Yeshua make me a spring, that in the valleys in which survivors sit may be a spring of living water, to give hope there and be Your light.'

That takes courage; the Bible regularly speaks of courage, for example in 2 Chronicles 15:7 'You therefore, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward according to your work'. And in 2 Samuel 2:7 'Well then, take courage and be brave men'. In the HSV Bible, several times as a comment on the word courage it says it is about hands, for example: let not your hands be weak and let your hands be strong. Our hands are important; we see that Noah also had to roll up his sleeves considerably when God commissioned him to build an ark.

It takes courage to help survivors of srm to give them hope in the deep valleys they are in. We may use our hands to do so, fold our hands to pray, lift our hands to heaven and beg Yeshua to give outcome. We need more people to use their hands and commit to helping survivors. Ask the Lord what you may do so that you too may fold your hands and be a source of hope and light in the deep valleys.

Christmas (by Gerard)

Written just after his start at Friends of Esthers.

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas. We know this from people who are lonely. And that is why all kinds of initiatives are being taken, by family, neighbours, churches, #niet alone. Even if loneliness does not structurally change, the attention is at least a warm ray of hope in dark days for many. Also for the bringers of that light, because (sharing) makes you rich.

There is another group that is not looking forward to Christmas. Indeed, they even dread it and lie awake over it. It is an unknown group to many. I didn't know anything about it a few years ago either. For them, Christmas is associated with dark gatherings. There are candles, a tree, singing. Even a fire, but no hope, only fear, agony.

Where Christmas is about the miracle of Immanuel, Yeshua's coming as a vulnerable child in a broken world, in the gathering of the cult, man must do away with sin and make gruesome sacrifices in honour of Nimanuel, Satan. In a rigid hierarchy, children and apostates become victims of an inky cult.

A survivor writes: "The room is dark and lit with red lamps, where you may walk. Only the sacrificial area is big lit by fire. The whole ambience feels like very special and important. The lamps and fire alone make you quiet and keep a low profile. From any corner, someone can pop up and startle you; you don't see them coming easily. Partly because of the black clothes worn by everyone except the children under 16. The children are naked and stand out the most. The worst is the sacrifice, when screeching children are offered to atone for sins of family and ancestry, while meanwhile there are songs and music, monotonous drumbeats.'

Children's Offerings
From the Old Testament, I am familiar with the abomination of child sacrifice (see e.g. Deut. 12:31, 2 Kings 16:3, Psalm 106:37 and Ezek. 16: 20,21). It is expressly forbidden by the Lord (Deut.18:10). He Himself does not ask for a human sacrifice, but provides Himself with an atoning sacrifice for our sin, in Yeshua, the Lamb of God.

It seems inconceivable that in our civilised country, child sacrifice still takes place and remains under the radar. At Christmas, it happens during cult gatherings at an upside-down cross. Terrifying, gruesome, deadly.

Besides children, apostates are also sacrificed to keep the group pure. The chances that it will happen to you increase if you do not strictly follow the cult's rules in the weeks before. This can already be in arriving late to a cult appointment. So the Advent weeks are very stressful, because of the fear of doing anything wrong, and full of spiritual struggles.

What a stark contrast to a beautiful Christmas Eve service centred on Yeshua, the joy in the long-awaited Saviour, Messiah. I grant that Light in the darkness to everyone. 

From now on, I will pray around Christmas not only for lonely people and those who do not yet know the Light of the world, but also for people, and especially the children who are stuck in the bizarre opposite of the Good News. Praying for them for courage to step out and for Christians who want to take care of them and help them make the grace of Yeshua their own to the depths of their souls.

Thanksgiving and answers to prayer

Farmstead 'the Inner Garden
We are grateful that a concrete location has come our way where we can accommodate survivors and expand our work in the future. A place where survivors are allowed to feel safe with people who know what they are going through. We are grateful for the contact with the owners and the time we get to raise the finances.

We are immensely grateful that some practitioners have started treating an aid applicant.

Network friends
We are grateful to have a number of network friends around our aid recipients and their loyalty.

We are grateful to have donations coming in every month to do our work.

Drawing made by Reno: this is the Good Shepherd with Reno. Reno wants also likes to be free, as she has drawn here. She would like it to be in her head becomes calm.



The prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much, because strength is given to it

(James 5:16).

Farmstead 'the Inner Garden

As also reported above, Friends of Esthers has a location in mind where they have a number of survivors provide a safe place, even during dark days. In addition, Hoeve 'de Binnentuin' aims to offer helpden to survivors of srm by helping them build a safe and healthy social network and providing them with provided with the necessary support. All this in a context of equality, sincerity and befidelity. It also develops knowledge and expertise on CDIS and works to raise awareness in the breadth of society around the existence of srm and CDIS. Crucial part of The Inner Garden is a (residential) opportunity with space to live, work and recreate.

Friends of Esthers needs €1.6 million by 15 December to buy Hoeve 'de Binnentuin'. This will be managed by a foundation where several people can live and work. Pray that this financialents are in and/or pledged in time, giving several survivors hope of a safe place.


Pray that donations will continue to come in to pay for the therapists' work and that the therapists will receive wisdom and strength for their work. Pray also for new practitioners, people who are eager to learn with their hearts in the right place, with no secrets in their lives with which they could be blackmailed, who want to learn to become trauma therapists. Pray that people will be brave enough to use their skills and passion to pull people out of the darkness. The more practitioners there are, the less burdensome it will be for the practitioners who are currently pulling this cart, so that more survivors can start this essential treatment.

Network friends

Pray that the network friends who are there now will endure to be friends, as the help-seeker shows more and more of himself. Pray for more network friends throughout the country; there really is a very big shortage of these and gets in the way of getting out of the cult.

Work by Friends of Esthers

Pray for all the developments within Friends of Esthers. We work hard to improve diagnostics for CDIS (complex DIS) in ongoing abuse and we work in many areas to spread our knowledge. For instance, there are often meetings for networkers, bidders and so on where we do knowledge transfer and where we meet. There is a lot of time and energy in this work and each step requires a lot of wisdom. We need Yeshua very much in this, if He does not build the house, in vain toil the builders (Psalm 127:1). We are very much aware of this. Pray for His guidance with every step we take in every area of our work and with every person we deal with.


2 Samuel 8:14 'He laid garrisons in Edom; in all Edom he laid garrisons, and all the Edomites were subdued to David. The LORD gave David victory everywhere he went.' A garrison is a number of soldiers stationed in a specific place, originally to guard that place, but nowadays often with that place as their home base. David laid garrisons throughout Edom to protect it from enemy attacks. Let us also lay garrisons throughout; soldiers, prayers and warriors in the spiritual world. Pray for more people to stand up against injustice and fight along in the spiritual world. Find people and start praying together. Ask others to join. Start ... Yeshua will bless it!



Carnation is a brave practitioner who has been working with survivors for some time. Her job really matters and for help and advice, she is always sympathetic. She does have poor health, though. Pray that she will keep the strength and courage to continue doing this work and that she will feel her limits in this.


Martin is a new aid applicant at Friends of Esthers and is in urgent need of prayer. His process is intense and has a lot of impact on himself and those around him. Pray for clear diagnostics and wisdom and open doors for the right help. We urgently need people willing to help, including this family.


Adam is a son of a survivor still trapped in the cult. Eager prayer that Yeshua will create the opportunity for him and his family to step out of this darkness. And that Yeshua will then give him the wisdom and strength to do so. Pray that for this he will get the conviction that it is really possible, through the example of his mother!


Ismael is a grandchild of a survivor and experiences abuse in his early years. Unfortunately, there is no access to help him be and stay safe until now. Pray for open doors and for parents to address opportunities for exit!


Myrthe is working hard on her process. Pray that her resilience will increase and she will gain more insight and contact with her inner parts. Pray that she will be and stay safe and out of the hands of the cult. And if something does happen, she will have the courage to share it.


Ferdi has already had a long road where he has experienced a lot of opposition. Pray for open doors and Yeshua's guidance to bring the right people into his path so that the path to lasting freedom can be set.


Ingrid Is a brave social worker who is taking great strides to recover from cult. This process is leaden for her, with her experiencing feelings of deep rejection, not belonging anywhere and not belonging to anyone. Pray that Yeshua may meet her and let her know and feel that she is wanted and loved by Him and those around her.


Reno has started trauma treatment; pray for her to keep courage and that she can keep it up, the trauma treatment takes a lot of energy. Pray also for wisdom for her treatment provider. In addition, Friends of Esthers is networking. Pray that Reno will learn to trust these people.


E is a young woman living on an island. She has a srm past and has become a Christian. She is absolutely not safe and cannot go outside. She has only her mother and no one else. There is no safe place or help on this island. They want to kill her and so she wants to get off the island as soon as possible, but she does not know how and where to go, she is terrified. Pray for this young woman that Yeshua will bring someone into her path who can help her and that the cult will let her go.


There is a very urgent prayer point for C. She is in an intense process of becoming free of all cult programming from within. In that context, she feels more and more urgently how important it is to be able to leave for a different environment because she is not safe and does not feel safe at all in the environment where she lives now. She urgently needs a safe place where she would be allowed to stay at least temporarily. This is not about a shelter where people would have to accommodate or accompany her. It is about a safe place where she could live as independently as possible in the short term, so that she can leave an environment that is very unsafe for her. Because of the insecurity she experiences, part of her recovery process stagnates, because she does not have the energy for it and her whole system is on alert. Pray that an organised place will come through Yeshua himself, where she can live at least temporarily.


I witnessed the recent crimes against Esther closely and her suffering deeply affected me. A clash of two worlds, the 'ordinary' world and that of the cult, the existence of which I did not know for a long time. It also touches me deeply to see the distress of survivors whom we cannot (yet) help and with whom we are just getting started. The years, sometimes lifelong loneliness of their struggle against a crime network that no one believes exists is heartbreaking to see. Pray that walls will be broken down between these two worlds and more and more people from the ordinary world will make a heart connection with them.


It has been a tough period after the cult attack on 6 October. At the time of writing, I am still recovering and hope the effects will not be permanent. Still, my resolve to help others has only increased. Pray that it will only grow and not be able to extinguish and that I will remain close to Yeshua. Song for this period.


Humbly is a brave woman who has been helping a survivor for decades. All these years, she and many others have tried many ways to help this person, but experience many of these attempts as failures. Since a few months, with the help of Friends of Esthers, she has become a practitioner and is learning hard how to help the survivor even better and with success! Pray that she will gain and keep wisdom, courage and strength to continue this tough process. Let us all spiritually stand around people like Humbly.


With Ladybird, an unexpected amount is happening inside. This is spicy and affects daily life. Courage and energy to go through this are sometimes hard to find. In addition, despite her psychologist's help, she often feels alone/lonely in her process. She needs people coming her way who understand what is going on and can support her in this. Pray that she may experience God's closeness and guidance in the above.


Desiree is a courageous woman who knows several survivors, cares for them and wants to be like a friend. She often faces spiritual struggles through this work. From Friends of Esthers, more and more tasks come her way, requiring courage and the guidance of Yeshua. Pray for protection and wisdom in the steps she takes, so that more and more survivors can be helped.


Jan is an older preschooler who shows core characteristics of severe abuse in his play behaviour and in other ways. A lot has been going on around Jan for a long time. Pray for contacts between caregivers, for protection when it comes to parental authority and that he has a safe place to grow up with the right treatment.


Els is a brave practitioner who has been working for survivors of ritual abuse for years. Pray for strength and courage to continue and for support around her. Pray for good cooperation between parties she deals with and for wisdom and insight during treatments.

Other survivors still waiting

We are in contact with several help seekers and because of the application freeze, we cannot help everyone right now. Pray for wisdom for us for the applications that are already ongoing. For proper diagnostics and for the right doors to the right help. Pray that more churches will dare to open their doors to this group. Pray that those who have to wait for help will find courage and strength to persevere and not give up or will find another place where they can be helped. That the great arms of Yeshua will carry them too.

Helping survivors during cult nights (for more information on this, see blog)

Prayer calendar

Cult dates with times of rituals and additional information and prayer points

It is very intensive for survivors to surface specific information about each cult night, because each cult meeting is associated with many horrible memories, which then come to the surface. Therefore, it has not been possible to get sufficient clarity on the specific times of all days. The times of 01:00 - 03:00 are not always fully covering; the cult often goes on longer and sometimes starts earlier. For da gen where no time is given, keep 01:00 - 03:00 as a guideline. For certain cult groups, Friday night is fixed cult night. Friday is therefore a day that is extra tough for many survivors.

Days like new moon and full moon are days when the cult comes together extra and the intensity is heavier. Pray that these nights will be disrupted and the spiritual power they experience will be powerless. Note: If it says November 27, it refers to the night of November 26-27.

27 November 01:00 - 03:00 hours full moon
3 December 01:00 - 04:00
4 December 01:00 - 04:00
5 December 01:00 - 04:00
13 December 01:00 - 03:00 hours new moon

16 to 23 December This is Christmas preparation week. Children will be kidnapped and trafficked children and adults will be taken to places to prepare them for the Christmas cult days. Pregnant women, who have been made pregnant with the aim of giving birth to a baby during Christmas, will also be prepared with stimulants and examinations. There are daily meetings, with the weekly meeting being mandatory and the evening of 23 December also.

From the evening of 23 December 22:00, the cult activities will continue non-stop until the morning of 25 December 05:00 a.m. From 23 to 25 December are the preparations for the big climax. Because it is many hours in a row, this is very tough and exhausting for children/survivors. Those who stop going to the cult get exhausted with all the chances of still being caught and those who do go have to fight to their death sometimes to keep it up. Pray for strength, courage and faith that a new day will come when everything will be better.

Night of 23 to 24 December until Christmas Eve 11:59pm The eve of Christmas is immediately the toughest night of this period. Prior to this day (often on the night of 31 October to 1 November), a chosen one has already been chosen for the holy sacrifice. A sacrifice in which someone is considered a kind of virgin and serves the whole 'family' by giving her life for the higher purpose and that is to satisfy Satan and his servants. The demonic activity during this night is immense and for many victims the nastiest aspect of the evening. Being raped by demons is truly horrifying. Pray for the victims. Pray that they will be protected from the demonic activity. That no demons will remain in them and that they will feel that a stronger power, the power of Yeshua rules and will prevail. Pray for blinding of the perpetrator-perpetrators and that there will be some kind of dome over the ceremony so that the demons cannot even get to it. 

24 December on 25 December 1st Christmas Day New life has begun. This day 'celebrates' Satan's desire to have all power over life and death. Cult members will confess this and ratify it with a sacrifice of a firstborn. After this, the newborns, which are young virgins under the age of 12, will be raped on an upside-down cross to increase the sacrilege of Yeshua. Pray for the mother who gives birth to her first child and loses it immediately. Pray for a deep trust that the baby will be safe with Yeshua. Pray also for the children who are raped on the cross as well as during the orgy afterwards.

For the night of 25 to 26 December, it concerns the period between 00:00 - 05:00 a.m. (Most intense between 02:00 - 03:00). Cleansing after new life. After new life, all evil will have to be destroyed in order to live a holy life. Such is the cult's theory. The group will unanimously punish apostates by hanging and beating them to death. Each attendee will have to beat the one who is hanged to the point of bleeding so that this person eventually succumbs to his wounds. Tying someone up in the middle of a fire pit and lighting it will also confirm the sentence.

This happens with less 'important' apostates in the group. Pray for a group revolt within the group. That they with each other, they start to realise that what they are doing is bad and they get an aversion to this. That they are in onwill come about against these rituals and that in this, peer pressure will contribute positively to the preservation of the victims seen as inferior and evil. Yeshua can do this!

27 December 01:00 - 03:00 hour full moon.

31 December 01:00 - 04:00 hour preparation new year

31 December - 1 January 22:00 - 10:00 hour Climax between 01:30 and 02:30. Then a count will take place whether you attend or not, important moment. Especially festive affair between important cult members. The regional groups are not always active during this night, however, the national groups are. Pray that these people are seen and their deeds are exhibited! If you help a survivor in any way, go then don't go to bed at 01:00, but stay awake with him or her until 03:00 in the night. A small effort, but incredibly important!

6 January 01:00 - 03:00

7 January 01:00 - 03:00

11 January 01:00 - 03:00 new moon

12 - 13 January 23:59 - 05:00 New Year's party

20 - 27 January 01:00 - 03:00 party week Every night meetings from 01:00 - 03:00 of which 25 January full moon. During this week, it is mainly about sex with children, including babies and sacrificing adult women.

29 January 01:00 - 03:00, 30 January 01:00 - 03:00, 31 January 00:00 - 05:00 These days are in the sign of a new season. New goals and new appointments and new tasks and positions. Some treden to a new higher grade/position. Others have to resign from their positions and go to 'lower' duties do. Joining and stepping down grads in the cult. This is an important period for victims because when their 'leader' steps down - which means being demoted - they will also have a tougher time. Pray that this will be an om turning point will become for many, giving them courage to step out!

2 February 01:00 - 04:00

Will you continue to pray with us?

This prayer letter may be distributed widely, especially in churches. 'My people perish for lack of knowledge',
says the Bible (Hosea 4:6). Let us then look away no more. Let us fix our eyes on Yeshua and injustice, and let us embrace those caught in it and take them before the throne of God!
For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see e.g. 

For whom and by whom?
This prayer letter is intended for any Christian who wants to join in prayer based on good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to step out of this cult and come to recovery physically, emotionally and spiritually. Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan and has struggled to break free from the grip of this cult.

If you know people who might be interested in joining us in prayer, please feel free to forward this letter and the prayer points. If you no longer wish to receive this prayer letter and the prayer points, an email back will suffice.

This is the last prayer letter published in collaboration with Carla. In the course of time, it has emerged that our ways of working are too different so it is better for the moment to each go our own way. Clients of Carla can simply continue to use the opportunity to ask for prayer here and also the outreach services during cult nights.


The world of survivors was totally unknown to me. I have great respect for their courage and perseverance when I hear about their bizarre experiences. How vulnerable and special that they want to share this with me personally! I really appreciate that we can open our home for encounters.

Being there unconditionally is the key

I have been touched in my heart by the injustice done to so many; I want to stand for the truth and for God's justice to prevail.

Survivors of SRM need what every human being needs: sincere love, a heart that listens without judgement and lasting connection. Even the deepest parts, those who had to murder and rape, then dare to speak. How many victims will break free from their lifelong slavery if they receive 10 such friends?

It is a privilege to pray for survivors, regularly and at key moments. And also for their families, if they are still in the cult. That is my contribution to their liberation and I experience that in this way I can help God's light to shine on their lives. As a Christian, I thus take my place in God's Kingdom and in the heavenly realms.

What a new, dark world opened up for me in 2020. Too bizarre to be true, until I started to listen and read critically and openly. I now find it a privilege to support therapists and survivors, so that the Light of Jesus overcomes the deep darkness.

I give my hands to help and my heart to love.

It is a privilege to experience a survivor. But it is an even greater privilege to be able to do your modest part to support the survivor to really live.

No one can do it all alone.... That is why I want to mean something for others. My name Tikva means HOPE ... and there is hope for everyone!