Satanic ritual abuse, what is it?

For many decades, in the Western world from Australia to Europe, from the US to Canada, people have repeatedly recounted horrifyingly sadistic torture, mostly sexual in nature, by groups of people. The perpetrators often include family members from several generations. They also tell of dark gatherings, often at night, where [...]

Satanic ritual abuse, how common is it?

Since I have been speaking out publicly about satanic ritual abuse in the Netherlands, I am regularly approached by survivors as well as informal carers and fellow counsellors. They tell of adults - as well as children - who testify to things that in many ways resemble the satanic ritual abuse I hear about from my clients. The testimonies that [...]

Satanic ritual abuse: How can this remain hidden in a country like the Netherlands?

NB. For proper understanding, please first read the article 'About DIS and purposefully created DIS' I often hear the question of how it is still possible that satanic ritual abuse remains hidden in a western democracy like the Netherlands. A legitimate question. In this article, some answers. How DIS helps the cult's crimes [...]

About DIS and deliberately created DIS

Anyone looking into satanic ritual abuse will soon come across the term DIS, or dissociative identity disorder. But what is it and what does it have to do with satanic ritual abuse? To answer this question, we need to start with how children and adults in general deal with pain. [...]